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Individual and small group training in Adobe Lightroom 3 available by appointment, contact me!

Previous Lightroom classes...

--Introduction to Lightroom 3

--Lightroom Library Module

--Lightroom Develop Module

--Lightroom Slideshow Module

--Lightroom Print Module

--Lightroom Web Module

Intro to Lightroom 3
Lightroom is one of the answers to digital photography’s many challenges. It helps you organize, process, adjust, and output images to print or the web. The easy to use interface is intuitive and thoughtfully designed to streamline working with single or multiple images. This is an informational class to help you determine if Lightroom is right for you.

Lightroom – Library, Develop, Slideshow, Print & Web Modules
In these classes, together we build a catalog of your images that is fast and easy to use. In order to get the most from these classes each student is required to bring their own laptop computer and images. (PC or Mac) In addition, students will be expected to either own or install a trial version of the software.

Join us for an individual class or the whole series.

Each class is organized around one of the 5 Lightroom Modules
Successively, we explore:

-How to organize and archive your images in the Library.
-Discover the "digital darkroom" tools in the Develop module.
-Learn to make professional presentations through the Slideshow module.
-The Print module makes printing simple, efficient and flexible.
-Sharing your work on-line with the Web module and publishing services makes updating your website effortless.

Seating is limited to 6. Reserve your seat now by calling or stopping by Amherst Media, 413-259-3300