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Photoshop and Print Rx

-Get individual, one-on-one help with your digital imaging and print projects.
-Large format prints
-Portfolio Editions
-Exhibition Prints
-and more!

-Introducing our large format Epson Printer with archival ink.
-24inch Canson-Infinty Fine Art Matte Papers.
-This is a collaborative print center where we help you to achieve the print results you want.


Fine Art Digital Printmaking Workshop

Who is this workshop for?
This workshop is for anyone interested in producing large format fine art prints, portfolio editions and exhibition prints. Those individuals with intermediate experience in Photoshop will benefit most.

A collaborative digital printmaking experience…
Together with the instructor, you are guided through the intricacies of a fine art print workflow using your images. At each stage you learn to optimize various aspects of your images, such as: tone, color, detail, sharpness, for printing on an Epson printer. You will also begin to build a printed portfolio through a series of “print and evaluate” progressions with the instructor.

What makes this workshop different?
Digital printing can be a costly and time-consuming commitment for an individual. This workshop is designed to simplify the technical jargon of inkjet printing: “Print Settings,” “Color-Management,” “Gamut,” “Soft-Proofing”. In addition, it provides you with access to both large format printing technology and the expertise to help you through the process.

Why learn digital printmaking?
Being an active participant in the making of a print is an essential step in the creative process. Controlling fine points such as texture, details, sharpness, color and tone adds another personal dimension to your fine art work. Printmaking is an exciting and rewarding experience as you make the finishing touches and see the potential in your work realized.

Some of the topics to be discussed:
- Color Management
- Proofing
- Essential Printing Tests
- RIPs & printer drivers
- Photoshop - Fine Art Workflow - RAW Conversion
- Color Adjustment
- Black & White Conversions
- Selection and Masking Techniques
- Resolution and Re-sampling
- Noise Reduction
- Input, Creative and Output Sharpening Workflows
- Print Finishing, Handling and Storage
- Fine Art Printing Techniques

Attendees of the workshop will leave with their portfolio or exhibition started* and the knowledge of how to continue the process. In addition, students will receive a starter pack of Canson Infinity paper to further their work.

* The number of prints will vary according to size of images.

Space is limited, register now at AmherstMedia.org