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Previous Amherst Media Photoshop Workshops and Classes:

--Photoshop Fundamentals

--Photoshop Essentials

--Camera Raw in Photoshop

--Panoramas in Photoshop

--Photoshop Rx

--B&W in Photoshop

--HDR Imaging in Photoshop

--Photoshop Fundamentals
If you have no prior Photoshop® experience or want a better “fundamental” understanding, this is where to begin. No matter what your artistic discipline, these tools are the core of working with the application:
-User Interface
-Using the “Bridge”
-Files and file types
-Basic Tools and Palettes
-All about Layers
-Basic Masking
-Basic Image Correction

--Photoshop Essentials
This class picks up where “Fundamentals” leaves off to cover greater depth in some topics, such as:
-Local Correction Tools, Dodging & Burning
-Layer Blend Modes
-Fine Tuning Masks
…and new topics such as:
-Image Retouching Tools
Essentials is a class for users who already have a good understanding of the topics in “Fundamentals” and who wish to expand their knowledge of Photoshop® possibilities.

--Camera Raw in Photoshop
The advantage to shooting and working with “raw” files has revolutionized photography. The powerful and plentiful tools in Camera Raw gives a photographer the ultimate in control and creativity. This class will work on:
-Understanding “Raw” files
-Understanding “Histograms”
-Image optimizing
-Batch processing raw files
-Creative Raw file processing
If you like the process of discovery and enjoy working with your images, Camera Raw is the place to be.

Panoramas in Photoshop
Advances in image capture technology along with new Photoshop features allows for greater speed and automation in the traditional image making of “Panoramas”. Once the domain of specialty cameras and lenses can now be created with as simple a capture device as a cell phone. Vast landscapes and complex composites of images can be combined using “Photomerge” in Photoshop Cs5. This class explores how to photograph a panorama and use Photoshop to merge the resulting images into a unique composition.

Photoshop Rx
Having a problem understanding Photoshop, Elements, Lightroom, digital cameras, files, computers? Need help with a photo related project, understanding your printer, Photoshop concepts & tools, creating the correct images for your website? Photoshop Rx is a “help desk” for digital imaging. Bring your imaging questions and we’ll work together.

Black & White in Photoshop
There is something special about black & white images. The lack of color somehow both simplifies and expands our vision and understanding. This class demonstrates the classical Photoshop approaches to understanding how to create beautiful B&W versions of your images. Photoshop grayscale conversions have never been simpler or more flexible to use. We’ll also look at an amazing B&W printing service for your images.

High Dynamic Range (HDR) Imaging in Photoshop
No longer the second cousin to Photomatix Pro and HDR Efex Pro, Photoshop now has a full range of HDR features. Simply put, High Dynamic Range refers to a subject or scene whose parts cannot render detail with a single exposure. To have detail throughout such an image multiple captures are combined into one. This class includes HDR shooting tips, Tone Mapping, Local Adaptation and removing ghosts.

Seating is limited to 6. Reserve your seat now by calling or stopping by Amherst Media, 413-259-3300