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"Lens and Keyboard as Palette" is the title of a four person show of Photoshop inspired images now showing at Amherst Media, 246 College Street, Amherst, MA. The images range from straight-forward panoramas to greatly enhanced composites. Seemingly real-life compositions, expanded points of view and purposely juxtaposed re-composites that stretch both reality and dreams.
All are cause to linger and observe.
On-myway-port1a-windshieldOn-myway-port3-FINOn-myway-port7On-myway-port8Untitled - Bloomington, Indiana #2Untitled - Bloomington, Indiana #1Untitled - Bloomington, Indiana #3PigeonsDomeDescendingFracturesWavesBible pictures: 3rd day of creation 20083 men in blue         2008Museum Visitors 2010